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speedrun idea: roof percent, break your roof and see the guy fixing it




after a week of nonstop playing, it's all over



Thank you for making such a amazing game, this is one of my favorite platformer  games of all time, keep up the good work! :)


This game is great


This game is amazing. The only way it could be better is if the bunny fixing the roof got mad every time you fell through again.


This game is so fucking good you should be proud and expand it into something bigger maybe?!?!

p.s. if you were inspired by downwell as it looks, that is awesome and u r swag


Simple a very bad game.


I don’t like you ):

Why is it a bad game?

get gud nerd

oustttt stupid.


Finally beat it after playing on and off for 3 days. Really liked this game, amazing work guys.


Just in case anyone is as lost as I was, you can release your 'tongue' whenever to adjust the distance of your lash.